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I have 10 years of experience as a health care reporter and editor.

My extensive professional background covering health care sets me apart from other writers and editors. I’m a longtime journalist who knows the right questions to ask to create content readers can relate to. Plus, I’m highly organized, reliable, and great to work with.

I can take complex health, medical, and wellness topics and break them down into easy-to-understand copy.

During my 10 years on the staff of Texas Medicine magazine, I learned how to cut through industry jargon and write in a clear, creative, and concise manner. That means less editing work for you because the copy I submit will be coherent and well-organized. I can craft copy that will cut through the noise and clutter that inundate busy professionals. Are you trying to reach a busy practicing physician or a CEO? I know how to tailor the message to ensure it speaks to the intended target audience. And when writing for a consumer audience, my talents as a versatile storyteller really shine.

Deadlines and editorial standards mean something to me.

An award-winning journalist, my background as a reporter means I know how to move quickly on a project while adhering to high editorial standards. There’s nothing worse than hiring a writer who can’t meet a deadline. You won’t have that problem with me. Not only will I exceed your expectations and meet my deadline, I’ll keep you up to speed on my progress throughout the course of the project.

You’ll have a good experience working with me.

I’m fun, easy to work with, and highly organized. I’m open to suggestions and feedback, and I strive to get it right the first time. Whether I’m proofreading a corporate report, writing a case study, or overseeing the editorial direction of a publication, I’m enthusiastic, energetic, professional, and open to new ideas.